Industrial Manufacturing Facility Floors & Walls

Concrete coatings of floors and walls in the Manufacturing industry need to be every bit as strong as the men and women who are hard at work on them every day. Our concrete preparing and repairing for our resin and epoxy resurfacing is exactly what it takes to make that happen. Cascade Floors industrial coatings will protect against heavily trafficked surfaces, impacts, abrasions, oil and chemical spills, and harsh cleaning agents. Commercial manufacturing facilities have unique concrete floor and wall requirements; at Cascade Floors, we work with you to forecast anything your business and its employees intend to do, so we have an accurate account of what your floors need to endure. Our epoxy coatings ensure your concrete has long-lasting resilience with a professional aesthetic.

Whether your manufacturing environment be for automotive or aviation, building products and heavy equipment, electronics or various textiles and clothing, a packaging warehouses, storage or assembly line, your company’s manufacturing facility requires hard-working floors which must control and drive electrostatic discharges to ground. No matter the type of manufacturing your facility performs, we have the hard working concrete floor coatings and finishes to do the job.

Cascade’s manufacturing and industrial flooring line also offer:

  • No waxing or polishing required
  • Outstanding resistance to acid, alkali, solvents and chemicals
  • Durable enough for heavy loads and harsh impact
  • Waterproof
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Slip-resistant
  • EPA registered antimicrobial protection for product manufacturing
  • Static and spark reduction
  • Thermal shock and steam-cleanable floors

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