Oregon Commercial and Industrial Epoxy/Urethane and Resinous Flooring Systems

Oregon businesses work hard, which is why Cascade Floors provides epoxy/urethane flooring and concrete coatings that never quit. Our commercial flooring and wall systems provide everything you need, whether you’re working in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or manufacturing industry. Sanitary finish, non-slip, and durable enough to keep up with the toughest industrial wear and tear—we’ve got you covered (literally) with epoxy/urethane resinous coatings for walls and floors to fit your specific needs.

Cascade Floors is family-owned and based right here in Oregon. Our experienced crews have been providing high-end industrial flooring solutions since 1971 for businesses across the country with the same level of professional services that we offer in our hometown. We never hire temps; when you work with Cascade Flooring, you always get our full-time commercial flooring experts for your business. All of our epoxy/urethane resinous coating solutions are backed by a 100% non-prorated five-year guarantee.

There are a lot of names out there for our products: epoxy flooring, epoxy resin coating, concrete epoxy, cementitious urethane coating, epoxy cement—whatever you call it, it gets the job done. If you need a concrete overlay that works as hard as you do, call us today at (503) 769-6823 to find out why hundreds of businesses count on Cascade Floors to cover millions of square feet of  flooring and wall coatings in their facilities.

Epoxy/Urethane Resinous Floor Coatings for Oregon’s Food Processing Industry

When it comes to the food industry, there’s always a lot going on. Whether you are running a food processing warehouse, test kitchen, or any other commercial food production, you need hygienic, heavy-duty floors that are easy to clean and safe for workers while meeting FDA, USDA, and OSHA regulations. That’s why Oregon’s food industry counts on Cascade Floors for its commercial epoxy/urethane resinous flooring needs.

Our non-slip epoxy/urethane resinous flooring protects your workers from accidents and can stand up to the industrial cleaning chemicals used in the commercial food industry. Cascade Floors’ anti-microbial  epoxy/urethane systems are made to prevent cracks from thermal shock, chemical wear, impacts, and long-term abrasion, so you’ll have an easy-to-sterilize surface that keeps your customers and workers safe for years to come.

We have extensive experience helping businesses deal with the specific needs of the food processing industry and will work with you to develop a solution that meets your goals. And with our fast repair times, you’ll never be left waiting on your flooring to keep your business running.

Oregon’s Beverage Industry Runs on Epoxy Flooring

Oregon’s beverage industry is famous around the globe, from its countless breweries to its world-class wineries. And that’s just two products! Of course, along with all that liquid comes seemingly constant cleaning, heavy-duty sterilization, and, inevitably, a whole lot of spills. That’s where our epoxy floor covering comes in.

In the beverage industry, non-slip flooring is only the beginning. Beverage production facility floors need to be corrosion- and chemical-resistant to take frequent cleaning cycles and maintain USDA compliance. Heavy foot traffic and industrial equipment like forklifts will do serious damage to uncoated concrete floors. Our epoxy coating and other concrete overlay systems keep Oregon’s beverage industry running smoothly day in and day out. We make it easy to clean up spills without stains, and our durable non-slip surface ensures that you’ll always have a safe workplace.

Decades of working with Oregon’s beverage industry for decades has given us first-hand knowledge of the industry’s needs. From the extreme temperature variations of breweries’ thermal cycling processes to the wine industry’s unmatched staining ability, we design concrete and cement coating solutions specifically for the beverage industry.

The beverage industry also presents the unique challenge of industrial spaces that double as tour sites, with customers frequently passing through to see how their favorite beers or wines get made. We can help make your floor look great without sacrificing durability or functionality to create a welcoming space for your customers and employees.

Hygenic Concrete Floor Coatings for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Oregon

There’s no room for error in the pharmaceutical industry: every aspect of the production must be clean, safe, and precise for the sake of your customers and to ensure compliance with the industry’s extensive regulations. Our surfaces are durable and chemical resistant, not to mention their EPA-registered anti-microbial properties. Epoxy coatings for concrete floors and wall systems keep your work environment safe and functional for the most demanding applications. No matter how rigorous your workspace, we’ll develop a commercial flooring that can keep up.

Solvents, industrial-strength cleaners, and production chemicals are no match for our non-slip epoxy resin coating for floors and walls. Cascade Floors’ concrete floor coverings will help you fight contamination and keep your space bacteria- and dust-free. Our solutions are waterproof and easy-to-clean, so they’ll stay every bit as sterilizable as the first day they’re installed for years to come. If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, Cascade Floors is here to help you provide your customers with the best products, every time.

Commercial Flooring and Wall Systems for Oregon’s Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

The term “industrial-grade” is synonymous with toughness—and if you work in industrial manufacturing, you know why. Everything about manufacturing is heavy-duty, from the equipment and the products to the people who make them. Cascade Floors’ epoxy resin flooring provides a non-slip, corrosion- and chemical-resistant surface where your business can carry out the biggest jobs safely and cleanly.

Our industrial flooring and wall systems will stand strong through hard impacts, oil and chemical spills, heavy traffic, forklifts and cleaning agents. And when they do need repairs, we do it fast, so you can keep running your business. All of our high-quality epoxy cement floors and wall systems come backed by our high-quality customer service and five-year, non-prorated guarantee.

Whatever your industrial needs, we’ll take the time to learn your business and develop a custom solution catered to your needs. We serve clients in all industries: automotive, aviation, construction, electronics, textiles, industrial equipment, and more. No matter what you’re building, storing, packaging, our shipping, we’ll help you get it done even better.

Our floors are waterproof, moisture-tolerant, non-slip, and anti-microbial—no polishing or waxing required. We even offer options for static and spark reduction.

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