About Us

Our History

Cascade Floors Inc. was founded in 1971 by Gene Eby. When Gene started he used a horse trailer and pickup truck to haul all preparation and install tools to jobs sites. Back then it was primarily Dairy barn work for the  dairy industry. As the company grew Gene realized that not only was his process great for Dairy farmers but also food processing sanitation and safety, hence Cascade Floors Inc. evolved in to the Food and Beverage Processing industry and thrived.

As the company grew and prospered Cascade Floors took on Mike Klein in the early 80’s as a salesman/installer and the company continued to grow. One major point of Cascade’s continued success was our hand shake mentality and always putting the customers first.We strive at Cascade Floors inc. to make sure we SERVE the customer and their needs. It’s not just do another job and move on. We pride ourselves in the quality of work we do, the service and attention to detail we provide and the dedication of our crews on every job, no matter the job, big or small.

Our company has evolved into a Family run business; we have 5 family members working in our daily operations now. For 48 years, from the quality sales force and administrative people to our foreman and crews that do the jobs, we call it all family. Our focus is on taking care of our customer and taking care of each other, like family should. To this day, we pride ourselves in using only our trained and dedicated team members on every job. And to this day our family philosophy holds true and continues to be the core values of what makes us the Service company we are. If you’re on our floors, then you’re in our family.


-The Cascade floors Team

We have the Tools and Equipment to get the job done right.