Industrial Resin and Epoxy Flooring Systems for Washington Businesses

Heavy-duty businesses require heavy-duty facilities. When it comes to commercial and industrial production facilities, floors need to stand up to years of rugged use day-in and day-out. Cascade Floors is the premier source for long-lasting industrial epoxy and resin concrete floor coatings. We provide highly sterilizable, non-slip flooring that never quits for businesses in industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and food processing.

Founded in 1971, Cascade Floors is family owned and run. All of our employees are full-time epoxy coating experts—we never send temps to work on projects. Our experienced, dedicated teams serve every client across the nation with the same exacting standards and unmatched customer service that we deliver in our hometown. Because we never settle for anything but the best, all of our concrete coatings and epoxy flooring is covered by a 100% non-prorated five-year guarantee.

You’ve probably heard a lot of different names for the type of commercial flooring and wall systems we offer—epoxy floor coating, concrete overlay, resin flooring, concrete floor coating, cement coating, concrete epoxy systems. Regardless of what name is used, the important thing is knowing what is needed for the job and how to install it properly. And as a company we do everything we can to be the gold standard in functionality, durability and longevity for your flooring needs. Give us a call today at (503) 769-6823 today to talk about installing or upgrading a concrete overlay for your facility.

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Whether you’re working with abrasive chemicals, regular sterilization, intense thermal shocks, heavy impacts, oil, or other liquids, we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and develop the best epoxy floor or wall coating system solution for your business. After almost 50 years of serving countless clients in a wide range of industries, we understand the unique requirements of your field inside and out.

Industrial manufacturing, food processing, beverage production, and pharmaceutical manufacturing all deal with heavy equipment and intense foot traffic. Things get dropped and spilled, temperatures can change quickly, and thorough cleaning is essential. Through it all, work needs to go on and employees need to be able to safely go about their days.

Cascade Floors’ concrete floor coverings create a non-slip surface that can handle anything your industry throws at it. We even offer coatings for static and spark reduction. Our epoxy concrete floors will help you stay in compliance with all OSHA, FDA, and USDA regulations, so you can focus on the things that matter to your business.

If your floors happen to become damaged, our teams will fix it—fast. Your facility is valuable, and we understand that any downtime equals lost income. Our floors are easy to repair, and we’ll make sure you’re up and running as quickly as possible. With Cascade Floors, you get premium industrial flooring and customer service without compromise.

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Cascade Floors has nearly 50 years of experience installing and maintaining high-quality epoxy coatings for concrete floors and walls. If you’d like to find out how our solutions can help your business, call (503) 769-6823 today.

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