Beverage Industry Flooring Projects

Cascade Floors is proud to work with clients nationwide.

Breweries, wineries, distilleries, and a variety of beverage-based businesses require easy-to-clean, durable floors that are USDA-compliant. Spills, stains, heavy foot traffic, and work tools such as forklifts take a toll on concrete slab floors unless they are protected by the right high performance, non-slip, epoxy-coated flooring system.
There are likely areas of your beverage business that are open to the public, such as tasting rooms, or maybe you give brewery tours to customers. The flooring in these areas will require durability, stain and chemical resistance, and non-slip so your hard working employees and/or visitors enjoying their drinks can remain safe.

Additionally, with visitors in this area you will want the floors to be both attractive and inviting.
Knowing our customers needs is part of doing the job right, like the brewery process known as thermal cycling, which is when the water alternates between cooling and heating when boiling water and steam are used in the brewing process. Following the boiling process, cold water is used for wash-downs. Cascade’s concrete resurfacing is designed for protecting floors that use this process.