Epoxy Flooring Systems

Description: Cascade Floors heavy duty epoxy system is a no odor 3 component resin rich flooring system that is installed at ⅛ to ¼ thickness or greater.  Intended use of area as well as traffic and type of cleaning service determine the thickness of application.   This system is most generally designed for heavy chemical use areas and food processing applications. Cascade Floors heavy duty epoxy systems have very tough and durable physical properties and are based on a tried and true formulation used in the food processing/chemical/circuit board manufacturing industry by Cascade Floors Inc. since 1971.

Application Cases

Metal casting facility industrial floors installation by Cascade Floors in Oregon

Metal Casting Facility

Urethane with epoxy top coat before and after installation in Austin Texas

Map Brewing

Epoxy flooring install at Ska Brewing in Colorado

SKA Brewing

Epoxy commercial flooring installation at Tommyknocker brewing in Idaho Springs Colorado

Tommyknocker Brewing

Flooring repair and epoxy flooring install at Pinthouse brew pub in Austin Texas

Pinthouse Brew Pub

Urethane flooring install at Colorado Brewery Phantom Canyon
Urethane commercial floor install with epoxy topcoat at Nordic Brew Works in Montana

Nordic Brew Works

Alaskan Brewing Epoxy flooring installation Alaska

Alaskan Brewing

Sierra Nevada Brewing flooring Urethane base with epoxy top coats installation

Sierra Nevada Brewing




Packaging:  Resin components come in 1, 3, and 5 gallon kits.

Colors:  Tile Red, light gray, charcoal, and tan

Because we blend our resin base in liquid form we can have a very consistent color throughout the entire flooring system (unlike other flooring systems on the market) will yield consistent color throughout.


●    Fast curing between layers and turnaround times
●    Urethane base coat  allows application on 5-15 day old cement (it is always recommended to have as much cure time on

     cement as possible, standard being 28 days)

●    Very uniform finished product with desired texture due to application in layers rather than trying to apply entire system

     in 1 application as other systems try

●    Excellent impact and abrasion resistant
●    Highly chemical resistant to caustics and acids (see chemical resistance charts)
●    Ease of clean up
●    Very slip resistant for safety of employees


●    No VOC 100% solids system
●    Can be applied during operation of facility with no contamination of odors
●    Resistant to most food processing environments for industrial flooring
●    USDA and FDA compliant
●    Very cost effective and low maintenance compared to other type systems
●    Holds up very well to heavy traffic
●    Installed by only our trained crews with over 60 years experience
●    Backed by a company that has been in business over 30 years with a 5 year warranty


●    Wineries
●    Meat Processing
●    Dairy
●    Bottling facilities
●    Pharmaceutical
●    Restaurants and commercial kitchens and commissaries
●    Chemical processing
●    Cold storage facilities
●    Pulp and paper mills
●    Frozen food manufacturing
●    Coolers

Application of System:

Installers trained and employed by Cascade Floors Inc., Sublimity Oregon, can only apply this system. It is recommended that the following criteria be used for the application of this product to ensure a successful application.

Surface preparation:

Floors must be sound and free of any contaminates.

Floors to be shot blasted to a heavy aggregate look to open up pours to accept primer.

All joints/seams, gutter or drain edges will be keyed out before floor is shot blasted.

Floor to be vacuumed and readied for coating application


First layer is applied by pouring blended resin onto floor and spreading with a 24” squeegee and sanded with   #16 silica sand to refusal. First layer to set for 1-3 hours to cure and set for sweeping.

Second layer is applied in the same manner as the first layer, using #4095 silica sand filled to refusal.

Third  layer/top coat is  applied by 18-24” squeegees pulling the liquid resin over the sand to even out resin and prevent puddling as well as give a very even non-slip texture. Aluminum oxide grit or #16 grit silica will be broadcasted according to desired non-slip of customer.

Your newly applied Cascade Floors heavy duty epoxy system is ready for service in 24 hours.

*  3M color quartz blended aggregates can be substituted for #16 grit silica using a clear blended resin for a multi colored floor.

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