FasTopTM Flooring Systems

Typical Physical Properties

FasTopTM S

Bio Flake or FasTopTM S-U1


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Color Red Various

Red Dark Gray/Light Gray CERAMIC CARPETTM Blends Dark Gray/Light Gray Solids 74% 74%

72% VOC Water-Based Water-Based

15 grams/liter Cure Time @72°F Recoat 4-5 hrs 4-5 hrs

4-5 hrs Foot Traffic 6-8 hrs 6-8 hrs

6-8 hrs Full Service 10-12 hrs 10-12 hrs

10-12 hrs Abrasion Resistance 20-30 mg lost

20-30 mg lost

70 mg lost ASTM D 4060

CS – 17 Wheel Adhesion 350 psi 350 psi

350 psi ASTM D 4541 concrete failure

concrete failure

concrete failure Flexural Strength 3,700 psi 3,700 psi

1,950 psi ASTM C 580 Compressive Strength 7,000 psi

7,000 psi

8,500 psi ASTM C 579 Tensile Strength 2,000 psi 2,000 psi

1,200 psi ASTM C 307 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1.5 x 105°F

1.5 x 105F

1.1 x 105F ASTM C 531 Impact Resistance No Damage at 16 ft.-Ibs No Damage at 16 ft.-Ibs No Damage at 16 ft.-Ibs

ASTM D 2794 Resistance to Will not support Will not support

Will not support Microbial Growth microbial growth microbial growth

microbial growth Service Temperature -50°F – 225°F

-50°F – 225°F

-50°F – 300°F@3/8″ Install Temperature 40°F – 85°F

40°F – 85°F

40°F – 85°F *Antimicrobial additives available upon request Installation Details Attention to installation details will have a great impact on the effectiveness and durability of your high performance floor and wall systems. Treatment of cracks and joints prior to installing the flooring system improves cleanability and can prevent substrate movement from cracking the seamless surface. Addressing drain and termination edges will prevent problems and ensure long-term system performance.

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