Food Processing Commercial Flooring Projects

Cascade Floors is proud to work with clients nationwide.

Limiting the risks of contamination, protecting workers by installing no-slip flooring, being able to weather harsh cleaning and sanitation chemicals, avoiding possible breaks and cracks caused by thermal shock, absorbing impact, and enduring abrasion; for food processing facilities, the requirements for flooring are extensive, and if you fail to have proper coating, there is a myriad of trouble that can follow.

At Cascade Floors, our highly-skilled commercial flooring installers have extensive knowledge and experience specific to the food processing, manufacturing and restaurant industry. It is the goal of our flooring to help your company’s food production facilities and kitchens meet their business’ goals. By using floors that can be easily cleaned, are chemically resistant, waterproof, resistant to thermal shock, and are antimicrobial, we will save your company time and money.

Special Considerations:

  • FDA and USDA regulations
  • Frequent Cleaning Schedules
  • Wet Conditions
  • Narrow Repair Times
  • Worker Safety
Application Cases