Produce Plant in Seattle Washington:

A 2 part 3 coat epoxy system was used on this project
yeilding approx 3/16 thick coating

This is an  8,000 square foot produce facility cooler/production room.
The pictures below will show the job from start to finish.This floor
will have a  4 coat liquid applied epoxy system 1/4 inch thick applied
while the plant is in full production

The above pictures show a failing coating that has only been in use for approx 1 year

Above, the coating is removed from the concrete surface, the thicker areas are jack hammered up

Above, the concrete surface has been brought down to the aggregate and joints/edges have been keyed out

Above, sand is brought out onto the floor and the resin is prepared to be liquid applied

Above, the resin is squeegie applied and some sand is added in places where filler material is needed

Above, before and after the first of 4 coats has been applied which will result in the 1/4 inch thick coating. The next 2 coats
will be a repeat procedure of the first coat.

Above, the finished floor with non skid surface being washed and readied for use

Above, more finished floor pictures

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