Preparation and installation of 10,000 square feet of CFS System S-250 USDA approved 1/4 inch floor coating at Pacific Foods

Concrete joints, edges, seams, drains are keyed out                  Drain is keyed out for thick coating in this critical traffic area

Prepared floor at trench drain before coating is applied                                     Coating applied flush with drain

Before and after Shot Blasting to rock profile for mechanical and chemical bond

Shot blasting is nearly dust free for applications such as wineries etc

Resin being applied and squeegied before sand is broadcast

Sand is applied on the first 3 coats to build floor to minimum 1/4 inch thickness

Sand is swept 30 minutes after each coat, then additional coats are applied         Finished floor

Heavy non skid is applied to top coat for high traffic with wet conditions

Finished floor shows texture for this heavy traffic food processing application

Complete installation process of floor at F & A Dairy in Las Cruces New Mexico

The joints are keyed out with jack hammers and the concrete is scabbled down to aggregate

The aggregate is necessary for a good mechanical bond        The concrete is acid and pressure washed clean

The joints and drains are left wide for extra thick floor material in these critical traffic areas

When liquid resin is spread over the aggregate a permanent bond is aquired

The resin is filled with sand which builds thickness and increased wear capabilities

The sand is swept up and the second  coat is spread over the top within 30 minutes which minimizes plant down time

This is the 3rd coat which is also filled with sand for heavy wear capabilities

The 4th and final coat resin can be pulled tight so that the existing grit from the previous coat will be used or extra
grit can be thrown on top for high water / slick areas for long term non skid

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