Preparation for sloping floor at Ocean Beauty Seafoods in Portland Oregon

The floor above has been blasted down to aggregate for bonding profile, then the correct height at the walls are established and used as a crown to screed off of

Above shows the material poured and ready to screed.               The material is moved along the crown with the board

A wider view of the material being sloped with the board             31 drums and 16 palletts of sand were used on this project

                   Above: The first section sloped                                Above: The 1st and 2nd sections sloped to the drain

Above shows the chemical room before and after slope material being applied

Above shows almost the whole room with the slope material applied, above shows base coats applied which will even
out any uneven areas caused by the sloping process with the board

Above shows the top coat being applied, non skid is also being applied because of the fish oil and wet high traffic use in this room

Above shows the finished floor completely sloped to the drain in the middle 

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