Sloping a floor to drains at a circuit board plant

On this project we took a flat existing warehouse concrete floor and converted room into circuit board manufacturing etch line.
 Floor needed to be sloped to trenches and sumps for total containment of chemicals used in this process.  Floor was shot blasted
to rock profile and then concrete pads, sumps and curbs were fiberglassed with our CFWS lining system.  We then set crowns for
sloping and used our polyester resin grout material to slope floor.

Screeding of polyester grout material

More screeding

More Screeding

Still in the Screeding process

See the thickness of grout material used to slope to drain, this floor was 3 inches depth at it's peak

Pictures of floor during application of floor coating over polyester grout

Taped off and ready for top coat of CFS Vinyl Ester System     Finished floor 30 minutes after top coat has been applied

More finished floor                                                                            Floor level shot of coating shows depth of sloping

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